Block Party Weekend


Taking place all weekend are events for friends, families and people of all ages to come have fun and enjoy.

LA PRIDE opened today at 11am in West Hollywood, and it is free admission all-day Friday! LAVENDER MENACE, “A Celebration of Women” begins at 6:00 p.m. and will end at 11:00 p.m.

FREE ENTRY tomorrow Variel Street’s Block Party is a local SFV street fair with food trucks and fun for the family. It will be held at 6600 BLOCK OF VARIEL AVE Saturday, June 7th from 11a.m. till 7p.m. 
For more information go to

LA PRIDE Celebration is on June 6th, 7th and 8th in the ALL NEW West Hollywood Park there will be the following performances and much more.

* SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH * 12:00 Noon – 12:00 Midnight
JENNIFER HUDSON / AZEALIA BANKS / Katja Glieson / The Freaky Boiz / Jeremy Thurber / Lunden Reign / Korr-a

* SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH * 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
DANITY KANE / THE BANGLES / DEBORAH COX / MARISELA / Kristinia Debarge / Derek Jameson / Glass Battles / Teammate / Ryan Cassata

$20 for one-day pass and $40 for the weekend pass.
 FREE TICKETS – Tickets are Free for Active Military (Proper ID required) and Children 12 & Under

Please visit for more information or to purchase tickets.


College students get in free

Tonight college students in and around Los Angeles County are going to explore LACMA and visit the many art exhibits it houses.
LACMA will be offering a free entrance to anyone with a college ID.
It is a great way to go forth and gain knowledge while enjoying the city with your peers. Perhaps visiting the nearby open art galleries, restaurant & pubs will end the night as a success.
If you’re in the area and have a college ID, you must go and check it out, (or else you’re doing yourself a disservice.)

According to the LACMA museum

A standby line will form at 6 pm on the BP Grand Entrance on the night of this event. Guests in the standby line will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis, though unfortunately there is no guarantee of tickets being made available to guests in this line.

Zombie dream

I had a dream about getting stuck in a world infested with zombies.

My dream began with my boyfriend and I in a two story house… and then everything started crumpling in the house and thats when the zombies started to appear. He left me for awhile to retrieve something and we had found many others who were in a crowded auditorium hiding with all the non zombies, so I sat and waited there.
Out of no where some ppl started to turn into zombies, then it was the row in front of me who began to turn zombie and I fought 2-3 of them off but had slight cuts on my arms. The girls sitting next to me didn’t offer any help but hadn’t been harmed.
my boyfriend returned to the auditorium where he came back for me and we left to try to find somewhere else that was less inhabited and safer. We walked to the ends of the holding area and he took me to the opening of the gated area near the forest brush to leave and find our own secluded housing area.
We begin to turn around and remain on the grounds.
a zombie woman comes out of no where and now my boyfriend is with me and he is trying to protect me and fight back. I give him a pointy object I had picked up since the last zombie incident. He is using the stabbing utensil to ward off the zombie and then I awoke.

GTL: Gym, Tan, …

GTL: Gym, Tan, Laundry.

A classic phrase that has been heard time and time again between Jersey Shore cast every summer. Although they are not as in the public interest as they once were, I have been continuing to use the GYM TAN LAUNDRY slogan as an easy way to keep my necessary working out plan in check, during these past couple weeks. I feel like it is finally starting to show! ^_^ Thanks to a youtube workout that was shown to me on Mike Chang’s youtube channel.

I added on a step of my own to do – five different exercises daily and then countering it with a cardio workouts on the next day to rest and grow your muscles. Working out with an easy fast work out will get you noticing results without pain staking effort.

Step 1; Lay with your back on the yoga mat, then pull you knees toward your chest while keeping your palms placed firmly on the mat. (25 reps)

Step 2; Lay with your back on the yoga mat and put your knees up so that your feet a planted on the mat while your torso remains laying down on the mat, then just lift your chin enough to fill a strain in your upper abdominal muscles. You should only feel 1/4 the amount of pull, then that of a full sit up motion. (20 reps)

Step 3; Keep your back laying on the mat, while raising your legs in the air, then touch your toes. (20 reps)

Step 4; Flip over so that your body is flat and your face is looking towards the mat. Then use your arms to push your body up while only relying on the tips of your toes and your forearms to allow pressure on the abdominal muscles. (20 reps)

Step 5; Push ups, make sure to keep your back straight for 5-10 reps, I usually do 8 girl pushups.

If you switch between this work out and cardio on the other days you will be sexy for the summer in no time!


Thanks for taking the time to watch, I will take this 1min:13sec to entertain you, so sit back relax and enjoy.

Also — Provided is the link to my webpage (videos), so you can see my other newly posted video. Little Tokyo  that had to do with my previous entry.

Have an adventure using public transportation


Here in Los Angeles I am a lucky one, lucky enough to have so many buses with bus stations all over the place. Buses and subways like the red line and the gold line where with $5 for a day pass and using a refillable tap card (that can be purchased for $1) anyone can take an adventure and have an amazing trip with just a sack lunch and beverage from home.


Each bus station has a map of all the connecting bus routes. All the bus stops have their own personalized experience whether it is the vegetation and surroundings of the above group bus routes or the underground subway trains like the mural in the photo below taken on May 30th, 2013 at the North Hollywood subway station.

This past Thursday I went on my own personal adventure to explore Los Angeles using public transportation with my brother who is new to LA and does not have a car nor bike to use for transportation. We took the subway from the NoHo station* on the red line bus all the way down to Union station*.


As we walked out of the subway toward Alameda Street, we were offered free cinnamon pretzel samples from a Wetzels Pretzels* employee. ($0.00) Entering Alameda Street we hear a folk artist playing a pan flute. There are vendors lined up together, just like they would be in Mexican markets in the city. All the goods are novelty items (chachkies)– that are more for viewing, in my opinion, than purchasing. Helpful tip: when vacationing purchase a t-shirt that reminds you of where you bought it than a small trash trinket.

We took a few photographs and walked through a few stores with more novelty items. Then we headed back to Union Station to continue our adventure to the next stop Chinatown on the gold line above ground tram.


Chinatown is a very touristic place. You can eat at the restaurant where Rush Hour was filmed, there are more trash trinkets, swap meets, chinese street food, more restaurants, $3 boba drinks, pastries, desserts, wishing wells, lucky Buddhas and so many more little hole in the way shops.


After Chinatown, to keep the adventure we got back on the gold line, we headed backtracking past the Union Station stop at the Little Tokyo/Arts District.


Little Tokyo is a little more upscale than Chinatown town. Chinatown has great deals and great prices on eats but Little Tokyo has culture. For example the boba drinks are $4 each, which happens to still be a lot better priced than popular boba drink chain Boba Loca in the San Fernando Valley, but this example shows the slight up sell that happens because of the location of the venue.

Little Tokyo has a lot more to offer than Chinatown, it is filled with markets, shops and restaurants. The prices range anywhere from $-$$$ and there are many museums located within short walking distance of the Little Tokyo District like the Japanese American National Museum*.


The Japanese American National Museum is open free to the public every 3rd Thursday of each month as well as every Thursday 5pm to 8pm. The Japanese American National Museum has history on Japanese-American internment camp victims as well as reminisce of what happened to many of the internment camp occupants as well as their after store and Japanese-American’s personal accounts of the first Japanese-Americans and how it felt for those few who were brave enough to migrate to the United States. There are interviews of Japanese-American soldiers who fought in WII and were fighting against Japanese soldiers, as well as the achievements of Japanese-American in the world today.

After seeing all the awesome artwork and listening to Japanese-American interviews that had emotional impact such as:

  • One Big Hapa Family
  • Hafu Film
  • Third Culture Kid

my brother and I had enough of Little Tokyo and we went back on the gold line tram toward Union Station. We got off at Union Station, where we were offered yet another cinnamon pretzel sample on the way as we walked to the Red Line Station. The Red Line has so much to offer touristically but since we saved it till the end we decided to keep our adventure light. We got off at Vermont and Sunset Station on the Red Line subway and walked towards Barnsdale Park to get a good view of the Hollywood sign. Ate our lunch and carried on back to the subway after a few photos.


We hopped back on the Red Line subway headed toward Hollywood/Highland. This is the hot spot for tourist to get a good novelty version of Hollywood California, all the locals come to party at the local  bars and clubs every night. Since my brother is only 19 and can’t drink, we decided not to visit the bars but instead to go to the Kodak theater food court where there are an array of stores and food places to visit as well as fancy restaurants and even the infamous KIIS FM nightclub DV8 is located at the Kodak outdoor shopping center.

IMG_1232 IMG_1251

We passed many interesting stores and when we saw the Wonka gate doors we had to enter to see what a huge candy-only store was about. There was an art piece of the rapper Eminem made of solely M&Ms taken at the Wonka candy store in Hollywood, CA.

IMG_1241 IMG_1240 IMG_1239IMG_1242IMG_1244

At the Wonka store in Hollywood there are candy dispensing machines!

  IMG_1249 IMG_1250

You can purchase candy by simply choosing a flavor on the screen and you will have your favorite candy, a sour patch for example, instantly appear below.



There are tons of awesome unique gifts in the $$, as well as customized huge Wonka chocolate bars in the same price range.


*Union Station is the furthest subway station from San Fernando Valley.

*North Hollywood/NoHo Station is the first subway station in the San Fernando Valley connecting the valley to the city.

*Wetzels Pretzels – Pretzel store that offers a deal on 2 plain or salted pretzels for $5

*Japanese American National Museum located at 100 North Central Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90012. Tel: 213.625.0414,,

English: Transit Access Pass (TAP CARD)
English: Transit Access Pass (TAP CARD) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look Parisian Chic

Look Parisian Chic

Would you want the Parisian look?
I was browsing online looking through Victoria Secret and Guess emails forcing me to their webpages to browse their latest fashion trends. Both Victoria Secret and Guess’ webpages had youthful attractive tanned and healthy female models sporting shorts and skin. Marciano, under the Guess Inc umbrella, was not quite as appealing… Parisian Chic the advertisement reads, classy, but wait a female (hopefully Parisian) model is posing… sadly not the best pose, clothes or hoes… I’d go as far to say she seems to have been placed in an outfit out of the Great Gatsby and is awaiting the lobotomy that is about to be scheduled for her. Those wide eyes that are far from being “dear in the headlights” and are closer to the fear seen in the eyes of a man about to meet their maker. or lobotomer.. lobotomy surgeon?

You need more than a pretty face and long legs to be a model, you must know how to work it, whenever the time is needed right in front of the camera.

Show off your own style

Whenever you walk anywhere or do anything, you are sending a wave of energy and sharing your personality with others around you. You can speak a certain way, you can have a certain demeanor, the way you style your hair, even your choice of phone cover and especially the way you dress. The way you style yourself is the way you describe yourself to others.

Time and time again I have seen people with a similar fashion sense fall for one another. That is because your style is a way of showing your personality, likes, dislikes, age, financial and social status and much more than you would realize.

Now there are two things you can do to change up your style so that it describes you better. 1. Go to the mall and immediately change your style to best match what you feel describes you… (But that would be really expensive and this supposed to be LA for free)
or… 2. Use spring time as an incentive to help motivate you to begin cleaning as mentioned in a previous entry. Keep aside items like beads, metal studs, hooks, lace and buttons, things that you think could be of use in the future to style your current wardrobe. Cut apart shirts with lace, then you can use lace as a future craft supply. Add it to clothes or spray paint above the lace to get an imprint on a shirt to make a creative design.

Cutting through left over silk fabric to add to the inseams of a newly purchased jacket, stitching beads onto a plain white sun dress to make it stand out, adding metal studs to the back pockets of old jeans to give off a new punk vibe these are all ways to give your old clothes a unique and personal look. Using different touches of your own style to redesign something that you felt was plain or/& store bought.

Once you have sorted through your clothes, pack away what you no longer want and call 1-800-728-7825 to have the donation truck from your local Salvation Army come and retrieve your unwanted items.

Once a year in spring to organize myself, I sort through my old clothes and get rid of what I don’t need, This spring I remember the old proverb that sings true..

One man’s – or woman’s trash is another’s treasure

For more fashion tips click here

Steam Punk Cafe

I decided to check out a new restaurant location close to Los Angeles Valley College called Steam Punk Cafe.
I went there with a friend because of the quirky name and interesting atmosphere.
We expected hole in the wall dive restaurant prices but received high costs out of our price range.
The menu was small but the portion sizes were even smaller.


Although the decor was nice and the food interesting (in design, not taste). I do not think I would recommend this restaurant to any campus peers, two thumbs down for steam punk cafe! Stick to the cafeteria or find a food truck.

Where to start when Spring cleaning

Winter is over and spring is here, I walked out of my apartment today and a wave of heat hits my face. 78 degree weather, back in the sunny city of Tarzana California. It is time for me, Alana, to revamp my apartment decor… my job… my hobbies… my friends… my wardrobe… my time management skills… my verbal communications… and grow. *OVERWHELMING RIGHT?*

Spring Break is coming to a close and I need to start my spring cleaning.

My solution is to reorganize my life as I proposed earlier, but I need to begin small. I will start by washing the dishes in my apartment and then taking the trash out with my boyfriend Andrew.

After the ambiance of my apartment feels a little neater, I will able to find ZEN and clear my thoughts. Current time, I open my laptop, search WordPress and find this handy link on Tiana Feng’s WordPress page.

Thank you Tiana! I think you should definitely check hers out, although I have an explanation of my own here.

Step 1, According to Tiana Feng, I should begin by searching my wardrobe to see if any clothes has holes, rips, tears or broken zippers and getting rid of those.

Step 2, Donate clothes with bleach stains, nail polish stains, color stains that happened in the wash and won’t fade out.

Step 3, Other peoples clothes…Return to sender and so forth.

Step 4, Donate any clothes that you have out grown physically. Or that are too large, unless you are rocking that boyfriend jean look.

Step 5, Too small? A shrunken midriff reviling tank top perhaps or shorts that ride weird in the middle? Make sure that your clothes (especially if small) flatter “your body type,” according to Feng.

Step 6, If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it & if it’s a halloween costume piece, put it away in the coat closet instead of your bedroom closet.

Step 7, Be a Fashion Forward Male or Female! Keep up with latest trends and let your clothes show that you do. Since trends tend to repeat over the decades you can keep your truly favorite items or high end clothing purchases you can’t part with in the “costume” coat closet. If you are able to part with those high end clothing items, there is always websites like or to help you sell you’re old clothes to pay for future purchases (Retail therapy).

All the items you toss out should definitely be donated to any near by Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift stores, or DARE clothing donation boxes.

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