GTL: Gym, Tan, …

GTL: Gym, Tan, Laundry.

A classic phrase that has been heard time and time again between Jersey Shore cast every summer. Although they are not as in the public interest as they once were, I have been continuing to use the GYM TAN LAUNDRY slogan as an easy way to keep my necessary working out plan in check, during these past couple weeks. I feel like it is finally starting to show! ^_^ Thanks to a youtube workout that was shown to me onĀ Mike Chang’s youtube channel.

I added on a step of my own to do – five different exercises daily and then countering it with a cardio workouts on the next day to rest and grow your muscles. Working out with an easy fast work out will get you noticing results without pain staking effort.

Step 1; Lay with your back on the yoga mat, then pull you knees toward your chest while keeping your palms placed firmly on the mat. (25 reps)

Step 2; Lay with your back on the yoga mat and put your knees up so that your feet a planted on the mat while your torso remains laying down on the mat, then just lift your chin enough to fill a strain in your upper abdominal muscles. You should only feel 1/4 the amount of pull, then that of a full sit up motion. (20 reps)

Step 3; Keep your back laying on the mat, while raising your legs in the air, then touch your toes. (20 reps)

Step 4; Flip over so that your body is flat and your face is looking towards the mat. Then use your arms to push your body up while only relying on the tips of your toes and your forearms to allow pressure on the abdominal muscles. (20 reps)

Step 5; Push ups, make sure to keep your back straight for 5-10 reps, I usually do 8 girl pushups.

If you switch between this work out and cardio on the other days you will be sexy for the summer in no time!