Zombie dream

I had a dream about getting stuck in a world infested with zombies.

My dream began with my boyfriend and I in a two story house… and then everything started crumpling in the house and thats when the zombies started to appear. He left me for awhile to retrieve something and we had found many others who were in a crowded auditorium hiding with all the non zombies, so I sat and waited there.
Out of no where some ppl started to turn into zombies, then it was the row in front of me who began to turn zombie and I fought 2-3 of them off but had slight cuts on my arms. The girls sitting next to me didn’t offer any help but hadn’t been harmed.
my boyfriend returned to the auditorium where he came back for me and we left to try to find somewhere else that was less inhabited and safer. We walked to the ends of the holding area and he took me to the opening of the gated area near the forest brush to leave and find our own secluded housing area.
We begin to turn around and remain on the grounds.
a zombie woman comes out of no where and now my boyfriend is with me and he is trying to protect me and fight back. I give him a pointy object I had picked up since the last zombie incident. He is using the stabbing utensil to ward off the zombie and then I awoke.